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Welcome To Our Forex Education!

We are very happy to provide Free Forex Education so that you can learn the basics of this extremely interesting and intricate realm!

1. Basic Introduction to Forex.

A first general look at the world of Forex, mentioning some of the main subjects that will be covered over these tutorials!

2. Pips, Profits & Risk Management.

Learn what pips are, how to calculate the value of them, the potential profit of a trade, but most importantly how to apply a proper risk management technique to whatever trading strategy you adopt.

3. Japanese Candle Sticks.

Learn the three main ways in which Forex graphs are presented and how to read them. Most importantly, learn how to read a Japanese Candle Sticks graph and why these famous candles are so important for technical analysis.

4. Support & Resistance, Static & Dynamic

Learn the meaning of Support & Resistance levels and how to spot them on a graph. Then learn how they can have an important effect on future price/market behavior by looking at real charts and analysing the markets. Finaly learn the difference between stati & dynamic support & resistance levels.

5. Forex News & News Trading

Learn what the major news events are in the forex world. Most importantly, learn how and why to use these facts to your advantage as a trader. We provide our point of view on the most important news events, but most importantly why we don't trade the news right as it comes out, rather we wait for the market to digest the news and then keep moving in the direction that it is supposed to.

6. Forex Price Habitat

Learn how to technically define the habitat of the price and therefore it's main primary trend. This will help you get a clearer picture of market behaviours, but most importantly it will help you define with certainty which type of trades (buy or sell) will have more chances of becoming successful ones.


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