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Who Are ForexOClock's Top Traders?

The traders we have selected for ForexOClock are notorious on the markets thanks to their reputations. They organize and lecture at seminars for some of the most important brokers and some of the main coaching firms. They have been guests on numerous TV-shows to share their strategies and their views on the markets. We believe that the identity of a Top Trader is extremely important.


Top Trader Andrea Carosi

Andrea Carosi:

"I graduated with a degree in statistics, which has pushed me to trade on higher time frames thanks to my long-term strategy. I use Elliott waves to understand which scenario the market is in, before I place a trade. I send 1 or 2 signals each week with ForexOClock's Auto-Trading."

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Top Trader Maxx Mereghetti

Maxx Mereghetti:

"I began my career as a trader back in 1997. I started out by trading options and coaching thousands of people along the way. My strategy is based on daily time frames, and I spot my trades by looking at the behaviour of the price and the volatility of the markets, while at the same time keeping an eye on what the big insitutions are doing. I send 2 to 4 trades each week with ForexOClock's Auto-Trading."

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Top Trader Roberto Pandolfi

Roberto Pandolfi:

"I have been trading on the market for several years now, which has allowed me to learn and experiment with hundreds of trading strategies. In the end I decided to stick with Price Action, making it mine over time and really getting it under my skin, which has allowed me to develop my own vision of it. I send about 4 trades each week with ForexOClock's Auto-Trading."

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