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Here is the Forex Signals Review!

Their Forex Signals review begins by describing what ForexOClock is essentially.

"Forex O'Clock is an automated trading provider that is offered for free to any trader funding an account with FXDD, a globally regulated Forex broker with available leverage as high as 200:1 and a minimum deposit size as low as $250.

In the following paragraph of the introduction, they say that ForexOClock is provided by Arduino Schenato. However, this is not exact because the service is actually provided by our team of Top Traders, who send their own individual Forex auto trade signals according to their different methods.

Right after, they describe the fundamental aspects of all our trader's methods.

"Price action is king, time frames lower than the 4 hour charts are too noisy and unreliable, market commentary and other chatter is best ignored as a distraction.

Details of our Technology and Services.

The next part of the review starts giving more details about how our Forex Auto-trading services work exactly.  They mention the e-mail notice that we send to our customers every time that a new signal is sent, followed by the simple "one-click" confirmation methods that we provide. These systems help our customers to accept the trade on their trading accounts thanks to our Expert Advisor.  With regards to our Expert Advisor they say:

"Once the Expert Advisor has been installed, when the account holder logs into the Forex O’Clock website, he or she only has to click to accept a trade or trade modification, which is then performed accordingly on their Forex O’Clock trading account automatically by the EA. This makes the trading process easier and simpler."

In the following paragraph, which still describes how our Forex Auto-trading services function, we found two sentences which we think are important to highlight:

"The signals are clear and very easy to understand."  We were happy to find this in their review!

But we also appreciated the following comment about our Forex trade signals:

"...and are aimed to last quite a long time where profitable. Each trade is given plenty of room to breathe."

This comment is very important to us, because we purposefully tailored our services to allow people from all over the world and with all types of life styles to be able to have enough time to trade with us.  We want people to do whatever it is that they do in their lives and then still have time to accept our trade signals without having to rush or stress about it, so having medium to long term trade methods we have more reliable yet flexible results.

We also appreciated this comment in their review which helped us improve our services.

"The logic behind the trades could be better explained by providing charts and commentary."

To address this observation we created a free Forex blog. On it, we post each day a technical analysis about the Forex market by one of our Top Traders. Check it out at the link below:

Free Forex Blog with Daily Technical Analysis:

Forex Signals Review Conclusion:

At the end of their review, we find a brief paragraph which describes the results obtained by them, after using our services for a period of two weeks:

"During the two-week period that the signals service was followed, eight trade signals were given. At the close of the period, one trade was closed for a profit of 1.32%, and one had been stopped out for a loss of -1%. The other six trades were still open, four showing floating profits, the other two floating losses. It should be noted in fairness that one of the floating losers had only been opened the day before the close of the two week period. The overall result was an increase in account equity of 3.14% over the two-week period, which is a very respectable performance."

We were glad about the positive result that they achieved with us (+3.14%)
and the total number of positive trade signals, supported by the simplicity of our services which they witnessed.

A New Forex Signals Review by FXWire!

This video takes a quick look at a review that was made about ForexOClock by FXWire.  We quickly read through this positive review that was made about our services, highlighting some points which we find important and that we think are key when deciding whether to work with us or not.  We hope you enjoy this Forex Signals Review.