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Open an account with a minimum deposit of 250$.

Receive immediately the forex signals through our AutoTrading technology by completing these 3 simple steps!

1) Use the following link to open an account with ForexOClock powered by FXDD.

2) Deposit a minimun of 250$ and ask for the AutoTrading service filling out the form.

3) Discover how the service works watching the free help videos in the help section.

Forex Market Trading Strategy

The business model will require an investment in the financial markets through the use of Forex.

The reason lies in the liquidity of the instrument and particularly in the volatility type that characterizes it in comparison to other financial instruments.

There was 72.82% operating results obtained in the last 12 months.

Forex Signals profit chart in Forex Scalping Trading on Forex Market Currency.

Performance by Forex Live Signals

Trading technique description

The most important trading features are:

  • 3% - 5% trade risk

  • 87% average winnings trades

  • 5% - 10% monthly performance

We trade with an average 4-12 trades per month.

We try to make a daily positive cash flow and all positions are equipped with an automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit.


Cake of Forex Scalping Currency profit.


What Makes Us Special?

Our traders have distinguished themselves by winning international competitions with real money.

Roberto Pandolfi Champion                                          Alessandra Champion

Pandolfi Champ 2012                                          Martini Champion

Roberto Pandolfi: ForexOClock trader, accomplished first place at the 2011 Forex Contest with a +506%

Alessandra Chirizzi: ForexOClock strategist, achieved a second place at the Top Trading Cup 2010 with a +23.89%

Roberto Pandolfi: ForexOClock trader, achieved third place at the 2012 Forex Contest  with a +204%

Marco Martini: ForexOClock client and friend, achieved first place at the 2014 Trader's Cup with a +54%

Who Are ForexOClock's Top Traders?

Here at ForexOClock we hand picked traders who are notorious. They collaborate with the most important brokers and coach vast amounts of traders. They have been invited to many TV-shows to share their strategies and their market analysis. We chose them because we believe that the identity, experience and professionality of a trader lies at the heart of their success in the long run.

Top Trader Andrea Carosi     Top Trader Maxx Mereghetti     Top Trader Roberto Pandolfi

To learn more about our traders and their strategies you can visit the section of the site dedicated completely to them and their individual profiles: TRADER PROFILES

What is Auto trading?

An Auto Trading platform allows you to receive a trade signal and copy it directly on to your account thanks to one simple click. Our technology allows you to receive the trade signals by one trader only, or by all the traders that you chose at the same time. You will receive these signals on the ForexOClock web site, and you will be able to accept them through the Metatrader 4 provided by our broker partner, FXDD. You will also be able to use the Metatrader 4 for Mobiles (smart-phones and tablets) by FXDD.

Why did we create ForexOClock's Auto Trading?

95% of traders lose money. The best way to learn is by following the steps of the Top Traders who have achieved success thanks to years of experience. Users who copy the Top Trader's signals improve their trading performance by 26% or more (from WIRED magazine).

How does it work?

Open a real trading account with our broker partner FXDD, without any opening or maintenance costs, deposit at least 250 Euros or Dollars and you will be able to receive our trade signals for free.

Our broker partner FXDD.

ForexOClock has chosen FXDD as our broker partner after several evaluations. FXDD is one of the pioneers in the Forex market and it has the licence to operate on many international markets. It is regulated by Malta's financial authority (MFSA), ID# C48817.

The Auto Trading Platform for the trade signals.

You will receive the signals through the ForexOClock web site, and you will be able to accept them on to your FXDD Metatrader 4. You will also be able to use the FXDD Metatrader 4 Mobile App.

ForexOClock auto trading platform

Receive our Free Forex Signals directly on to your trading account.

The service is completely for free, there are no additional costs or monthly fees. You will only pay the regular spread to the broker for each trade, like any other regular customer. You can select one or more traders. You will receive the trade signals by each trader that you have selected, and for each signal you will receive an e-mail notice.

How long does each signal last?

Each signal that you receive will be available for 12 to 24 hours. Each trader places time and price limits for each single trade. This is done so that the signals can't be accepted with a significant delay, possibly altering the desired success of a specific trade.

Manual Signal Confirmation.

Each signal will have to be manually accepted before it can be placed on your trading account.

Set the risk for each trade.

Before you accept each trade, you can set the risk based on the size of your account. For each trade you will be able to set the risk in terms of money, for example €100, €200, €300. We suggest that you set the same risk for each trade. For example, if I decide to have a risk of €300 on each trade, I can set this risk each time, meaning that it's not the lot size which remains constant, but the risk in terms of money. We believe this to be a much better money-management and risk-management technique.