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Maxx Mereghetti - Wednesday 9 March 2016 - Time 07:05:18

Essentials For The Best Trading Signals

Essentials For The Best Trading Signals

We figured it would be important to cover the most essential aspects of the best trading signals services, because most traders who seek this kind of service are often new to Forex and become over loaded with options and different types of products they could purchase. This makes picking the right one a slightly more difficult task than one could expect at first.

Traders purchase signals for several reasons, but the two most common and usually most important ones include:

1) wanting to achieve positive results by following the trades of a professional trader who already achieves such results

2) being able to trade the markets even if they don't have the availability of time necessary to evaluate the markets while waiting for the right trading opportunities.

A last reason which is usually less common could be the educational aspect. Some traders use the signals services provided by traders from whom they have just learned a strategy, allowing them to go through a period of "guided training" as they take their first steps alone and place their first trades.

These necessities mean that a good signal service should first of all be provided by a professional Top Trader who achieves profitable results with a reliable consistency through time. Secondly, these signals should reach the client through the most immediate mean possible, nowadays represented by an e-mail, and subsequently transferred to the client's account as quickly as possible. The speed and efficiency of this transition is a vital aspect of a signal service, because it's the only way to ensure that the validity, accuracy and therefore the potential success of the signal can be maintained as much as possible.

We have certainly kept in mind these vital necessities while creating ForexO'Clock.

We have hand-picked our traders to make sure that their signals would be based on solid strategies which they could successfully apply, regularly and reliably. On top of this we searched for traders with strategies which would provide medium/long term signals, allowing our clients more time to accept and manage the subsequent modifications of the trades (stop loss variations or closed trades). This has brought the benefit of a more "relaxed" trading activity for our clients, while at the same time providing them with statistically more successful strategies, rather than those frantic and stressful scalping methods.

To minimize the transition period as much as possible, between the moment that our top traders send the signals, to the time our clients place the trade on their trading accounts, we gave our staff the task of creating the ForexO'Clock platform. The hard work of our technical team has produced what is now a very efficient signals service, thanks to this platform which we are now able to share with our clients completely for free. From the moment our client receives the e-mail, they are literally only two clicks away from deciding if they want to accept this trade and how much risk they want to apply. The risk is automatically calculated by our platform at the push of a button, right after the trader provides a few inputs (size of account balance and risk required for the trade) which means that with one last and final click, the trade is automatically sent to the client's account through an Expert Advisor. The whole process takes less than 30 seconds and basically only requires a few clicks.

Considering that this platform is provided for free, along with the signals, if the client opens an account with our broker partner FXDD, we truly believe this is one of the best, if not THE BEST signals service available!


Maxx Mereghetti - Friday 26 February 2016 - Time 08:38:15

Why are ForexOclock's Autotrading signals better than others?

Why ForexOclock Autotrading forex signals are better than others?

It might sound cliché but we really honestly believe that our efforts in launching the ForexOClock signals service really did create one of the best (if not THE best) Forex Signals Services available.

After years in the business of providing Forex Signals, we decided that we wanted to revolutionize the market by finding a way in which we could provide our customers with quality Forex signals without them having to pay for the service. With this goal in mind we created the Autotrading ForexOClock platform, while making an agreement with one of the best Forex brokers (FXDD) which is today our partner. The combination of our proprietary Autotrading technology and this agreement with FXDD is what allows us to provide top quality, successful signals to our customers, all completely for free.

Once we figured out how to provide the signals to our customers at no cost, we had to find a group of professional Top Traders who would allow us to provide these customers with reliable and successful trade signals. This is why the traders who provide signals through our Autotrading platform have been hand-picked based on their achievements as traders. They have participated in national championships achieving podium results, they regularly hold conferences and coaching events and they all have a positive track record with steady, reliable performances.

The best part, and also the hardest, was certainly creating a reliable Autotrading platform in accordance with all the latest ESMA regulations which would allow us to send the Forex Signals instantly to our customers, allowing them to immediately see, analyze and accept/reject the trades that we suggest. Since the risk management techniques are the solid base on which any successful trading strategy relies, we also created a very simple, yet very important tool which allows our customers to automatically set the size of the trade, based on the total size of their balance and the amount they are willing to risk on each individual trade.

Basically, our customers are only a few clicks away from semi automatically copying the trades of our Top Forex Traders on their personal accounts!

We are proud of the service which we are now able to provide, and the results achieved so far give us a lot of stimulus and motivation each day to keep working towards our success and the success of our customers!



Marco Bazzan - Thursday 25 February 2016 - Time 02:47:31

4 New Trades!


Maxx Mereghetti - Monday 22 February 2016 - Time 03:28:31

EURGBP Possible Reverse Against All Predictions

EURGBP possible reversal

Even though the fears of a potential BREXIT have been making the GBP weaker against most of its counter currencies, and all analysts are predicting further drops in the value of this currency, we actually believe that the charts are telling a slightly different story!

If we look on this weekly chart of the EURGBP for the largest spike of volatility which we had in the past, which is represented by the blue rectangle on the left, we can see how the most recent spike in volatility has just matched it (blue rectangle on the right). Usually it is hard for volatility to beat its maximum values, and in this case we can see how it barely made it past the size of the previous volatility and then basically stalled the price for two consecutive weeks. We do see that this week has just started with a long movement, however there is a gap below this week's opening price which still needs to be closed (it doesn't ALWAYS happen, but it's very likely) and the price has not yet cleared the strong resistance (0.7760 approximately) which exists at these levels from long term chart analysis.

It is very early to make a bold statement such as the one we are making now, but we still find it valuable to share this information because this week could be a decisive week in deciding whether this pair might temporarily reverse from its new long behavior. This could create a few weeks of short movement as a retracement, before picking up the new trend again and moving long towards new highs.


Marco Bazzan - Friday 19 February 2016 - Time 04:28:02

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