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Welcome To The Autotrading Help Section!

Watch the following videos of our proprietary Autotrading platform and discover how to open an account, receive and confirm orders, and much more!  We will show you how easy it is to trade with our Top Traders' forex signals through ForexOClock!

1. Open A live Account With FXDD.

Find out how to do the account opening procedure, sending documents and depositing funds to trade with Maxx Mereghetti's forex signals, official ForexOClock trader partner.

2. Register To The Autotrading Service.

Once you opened a live account with FXDD and sent ​​the deposit, here is how to request the Autotrading service for free, only for ForexOClock users.

3. How To Install The Expert Advisor.

Here is how to install and configure the Expert Advisor that will allow you to receive and confirm the forex signals directly on your Metatrader 4.

4. How To Update The Expert Advisor.

Every time our auto-trading technology is updated, the expert advisor on your computers will also need to be updated.  In this video we show you step-by-step how to easily update your EA.

5. How To Select Which Top Trader You Want To Receive Signals From.

In this video you'll see how easy it is to select the traders that you want to receive your trade signals from through our auto-trading platform.

6. How To Edit And Accept Our Trade Signals Through Auto-Trading.

In this video you we will show you how you can easily edit and accept the trade signals that you will receive through our auto-trading services, for both directional and non-directional strategies.

7. Why You Don't Need To Be In Front Of Your PC All Day.

In this video you will discover that trading orders allow a tolerance of execution both in terms of time and price. This absolutely does not force you to stand in front of the PC to confirm orders.

8. About Our Trading Methods.

In this video we provide a brief introduction to the trading methods used by our Top Traders who send the trade signals through our auto-trading.


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